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Discount of up to 10-15% on select RAM 1500 DT and 1500 Classic! Click Here to View Our Inventory Today!

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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Maintenance Tips


Winter Maintenance Tips

Your car needs special attention during the winter months. Cold weather can cause extra stress on your car and reduce its performance. To make sure that your vehicle is running properly and safely during this winter season, follow these tips.

Check Your Battery

Cold weather can put extra strain on car batteries. Ensure your battery is fully charged and in good condition before winter sets in. Have it tested to ensure it is up for the challenge of the colder months. Also, keep an eye on your battery levels throughout winter.

Check Your Antifreeze Levels

It is important to make sure your antifreeze is at the proper level before winter. If antifreeze levels are low, top them up with the correct type of antifreeze to ensure that your car will not freeze up during winter.

Check Your Tires

Tire pressure drops when temperatures drop, so check your tire pressure monthly. Low tire pressure can cause your car to drive inefficiently and affect its handling in wet or icy conditions. Ensure that you have the correct type of tires for winter driving and that they are properly inflated. Most tires also have built-in tread wear indicators, which can help you determine when to replace them.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Visibility is key during winter driving. Make sure that your wiper blades are in good condition and can effectively clear the windshield of snow, ice, and slush. If your wiper blades are not up to the task, replace them as soon as possible. Also, ensure that you have enough windshield wiper fluid to keep your blades working properly.

Stay Safe this Winter

By following these tips, you can ensure your car runs safely and effectively during the winter season. Check all of the above components before winter sets in, and keep an eye on them throughout the season to ensure that your car is prepared for anything the season brings. If you need any help with your winter car maintenance, contact a certified dealership like Spelmer Chrysler in Trenton, Ontario, to help you out. Our certified team can help ensure that your car is ready for winter with our expert maintenance services.

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