Discount of up to 10-15% on select RAM 1500 DT and 1500 Classic! Click Here to View Our Inventory Today!

Discount of up to 10-15% on select RAM 1500 DT and 1500 Classic! Click Here to View Our Inventory Today!

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Ram 1500 Trim Levels Compared | Spelmer Chrysler

Embarking on the journey of purchasing a Ram 1500 in Trenton, Ontario, is to embrace a legacy of power, versatility, and innovation. Spelmer Chrysler takes pride in offering a detailed exploration of the Ram 1500's trim levels, guiding you through a lineup that has continuously evolved to meet the demands of the road and the […]

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How To Cool Down Black Leather Seats

Black leather seats can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, but they also tend to absorb heat, making them uncomfortable, especially during hot weather. We've got you covered if you're tired of sitting on scorching seats. This article will explore practical methods on how to cool down black leather seats.   The "Door-Fanning" Method […]

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Is It Safe To Drive With A Propane Tank In The Car?

Driving with a propane tank in your car may raise safety concerns. After all, propane is a flammable gas, and ensuring its secure transportation is crucial to prevent accidents. This comprehensive guide will explore whether driving with a propane tank in your car is safe. We will discuss the necessary precautions and guidelines to ensure […]

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Why Jeeps are the Best Vehicles For Off-Roading

Venturing into the great outdoors demands a vehicle that's not just capable but also inherently versatile and robust. Enter the world of Jeep — the undisputed king of off-road prowess. At Spelmer Chrysler in Trenton, we understand that the call of the wild is best answered with a Jeep. Known for their rugged durability and […]

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When is it Better to Lease vs. Buying a RAM Truck?

Navigating the crossroads of acquiring a new truck brings about a significant decision: should you lease or buy? At Spelmer Chrysler, we cater to a diverse clientele in Trenton, each with unique needs and preferences when it comes to their vehicles, particularly RAM Trucks.    In this article, we'll explore the practicalities of leasing versus […]

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