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Through our dealership at Spelmer Chrysler, you can shop for new or used vehicles, secure the best payment options, utilize our Parts Centre, and take advantage of the available services from our Service Centre. Although those are our main services, you can rely on our dealership's support to ensure you enjoy the most seamless and effortless vehicle ownership. Visit us today to explore our newest models and speak to our Parts Centre if you wish to find OEM parts to keep your current vehicle running and looking like new.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

There are many reasons to choose OEM Mopar parts over aftermarket alternatives, giving you the best parts to ensure your vehicle gets the proper maintenance and repairs it needs during your ownership. Using OEM parts will help you maintain your vehicle's resale value and provide direct fitment to avoid the need for modifying your vehicle to make a part fit. Also, OEM parts have excellent quality control, offer identical performance and safety to the original parts installed from the factory, and give you savings in the long run.

Why You Should Buy Parts From Our Parts Centres

As it's a given to choose OEM parts over other alternatives, you will want to find a reliable source, such as our Parts Centre, to ensure that you purchase genuine OEM Mopar parts. Through our Parts Centre, you can shop for various parts, big and small, including parts as small as fasteners, making us the ideal place to visit to find a great deal on your parts needs. Also, our experts are very knowledgeable about vehicles and the parts needed during specific repairs and maintenance, giving you additional support to ensure your vehicle gets the best possible care.

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Be sure to contact us to inquire about the availability of your desired parts, and consider booking a service appointment to have our factory-trained technicians install the parts for you.

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